Praise and Dream Night, September 13, 2013

As a mother of 5, personal worship time often takes the form of singing along with the radio while driving kids somewhere or rocking out with Pandora while attacking a mountain load of dishes in the sink.  I do the best I can to find quiet moments to focus on God, but it is a daily challenge.  That is one reason I am so excited that it’s the time of year for Mt. Gilead’s “Praise and Dream” Night!  I have heard that this year, it is open to men as well as women- Can you say date night!?


Earlier this year, I attended a conference for “God sized Dreams”.  I learned God sized dreams take many forms.  It was also a chance to focus on how God has made us as unique individuals, perfectly suited for His purposes.  A big part of living your unique purpose in Christ is listening to how He directs us.  In the hustle-bustle of daily life, it can be a struggle to hear God clearly among the giant “to-do” lists and daily demands. 


I love that Praise and Dream night is an opportunity to slow down, sit in His presence, be surrounded by other believers, and focus on worshiping God without the distractions of every day life.  Everyone can use time to dream, to reflect, to be encouraged.  My experience with Praise and Dream night has helped me better understand that I am not alone, that God loves me, and that His ways are beautiful.  And bonus, at the end there is cookies!


Life is a messy, amazing journey. Bring on the Praise, Bring on the God given Dreams!  I hope to see you there! 


P.S.- If you don’t have anyone to meet up with when you go, message me, I would love to be your seat buddy!


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