Menu Plan Monday, June 10th


Summer has officially started! One more kiddo graduated, the other three are out of school and headed for swim lessons this week (when the thunder and lightning stop). I am going to try my first link up to Menu Plan Monday here!


Monday- Vegetarian Chili with Cheese Nachos

Tuesday- Shrimp Rice Noodles with Pineapple Rice (Thai night! found in this library book)

Wednesday- Crock Pot Coconut Chicken Curry from here  (with leftover rice)

Thursday- Grilled Sausages and Veggie Kebobs with Green Smoothies

Friday- Balsamic BBQ Drumsticks, Quinoa and Green Salad

Saturday- Split Pea Soup with Ham

Sunday- BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers, Green Salad, and Frozen Onion and Cheese Puffs

with Key Lime Gelato Bars for Dessert. [Father’s Day]


The goal is to avoid ANY fast food snacking or otherwise this week. Sorry, no Taco Bell Happy Hour for us.

(What is it about a one dollar item that is so hard to resist?)

I have a half bag of whole grain chicken nuggets in the freezer and a few canned veggies in the pantry as a “back-up” plan.



One thought on “Menu Plan Monday, June 10th

  1. this sounds like a great week of cooking.ohhh Crockpot chicken curry looks like something to look into. I think that we need to a do a bit more crock pot cooking…it would be cooler (in the hot months) and also lessen the prep time when people get home from work. Its great to plan ahead like this…then you know the areas that might catch you unprepared and you have those great back up items. i’m intrigued by the frozen onion puffs…what are those?!?

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