Imagine #FMF


{My first 5 minute Friday!} A writing challenge from Lisa Jo Baker.


Imagine all the possibilities if I wasn’t here, at this place, in this time, at this moment, with these people, in this relationship with my maker…..

I generally make a habit of not living in the past, but when I think of “imagine” it draws my senses into the sights, sounds and smells of the past.

Today, Imagine is a former place. One filled with wonder, independence, self-gratification. Open ended roads leading down different paths. The sweet crispy smell of funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar, strong sweet floral perfume, the black and heavy dust settling over every inch of the warehouse, wet grass tips on an endless day.

Imagine what would have been if that relationship hadn’t ended? What would I be doing if I had finished that school? Where would I be if I had spent less time at the party and more time in the study? How would my life be different if I had invested in Google? ☺

Imagining the possibilities makes me even more grateful for the path God has brought me down. It is easy to look at the wasted years, missed opportunities, and regret what I think I have lost, or what I think I could have accomplished.

But IMAGINE the alternative…..viewing the past as a gift of God. A gift of perspective. There are many possibilities of all the different roads my life could have taken, but this one…this one is the best. Some days are hard, some days nearly unbearable. Some days awesome, some days average.

Taking the opportunity to look into the past confirms that I have an amazing creator in charge of my life. His love covers the regret, drowns out the failures, and holds me tightly as we walk forward. I never could have imagined this!